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LTR 6160T - (Stage V Diesel Emissions Standards)

Welcome to the next generation of Lamtrac’s introduction of its Compact Attachment Carrier to the market. The only manufacturer in the industry offering dedicated prime mover performance in a versatile compact package resembling common construction industry CTLs. However, that is there the commonalities stop.

This Lamtrac model is designed to maximize productivity and uptime. 6160T offers the most hydraulic horsepower in this product category and has the necessary supporting technology such as cooling, and electronic monitoring to ensure the carrier can make full use of its power at all times. Shift and periodical inspections are simplified by providing easy access to all components via tilt cab, engine component access, and belly pans. The operator cab is also comfortably accessible by the large entry, pneumatic suspension seating, and large screen operations monitor and rear view camera.

The most exciting update however is found on the new torflex style suspension undercarriage greatly adding to the operator comfort, machine stability, and maneuvrability from previous generations.

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